“We got the book as ordered and although I knew it was going to be fantastic, it exceeded all my expectations. For two months my daughter has been going from one psychiatrist to another because of depression and finally a crisis… I gave her the book, which she read through in the hospital in two days and loved it. A couple of days later, yesterday, she came out with a completely different world view in her head. It is more worthwhile than talking to ten psychiatrists and psychologists. Thank you and congratulations.” (Rita A.)

“Magic Cloud is the first book that my daughter on her own initiative reads under the duvet with a battery lamp. ‘Mum this is jolly good!’ (8 years old). Thank you.” (Melinda F.)

“The best thing we have ever read. Thank you.” (Judit T-V.)

”I am enormously grateful to you for this book. I have an 8-year old daughter. Sadly, I sometimes felt myself incapable. I didn’t know how I could help her. She is terribly tense and fearful. With her 6-year old brother, I read two chapters a day to her and her 6-year old brother, which already on the first evening, represented an enormous step forward. She used to think, if we die, that’s the end of it, there is nothing more. The book was a big step forward. Sadly, I have the feeling she is a total hypochondriac… every day she comes up with something … for example, her girl friend told her some acquaintances went to the Caribbean Islands, they hadn’t got wet before they jumped into the water and their hearts stopped. And as she told this, she was crying and  full of fear.

I myself am moving in a spiritualist direction, but I didn’t yet know how to translate it into their language. Now we are feeding from the book, we are throwing out the bad feelings and changing over the bad magic wands.

Today we have got so far that she can always be certain of the presence of the magic threads, so God is there with her too.

1000 gratitudes and thanks, we hope there will be more siblings for this super book. Wishing you all the best, respectfully, Anita.

By the way, I have to tell you that my 6-year old son until now never really appreciated fairy stories, he would fidget, interrupt etc. This is the first book in which he gets so engrossed, that if he needs to go to the loo, he says: ‘Mum wait, don’t read on!’ And they laugh a lot, they really do. At the end of the story we always talk over what it was about. Sensational!” (Anita M.)

“A fantastic book! For adults and children alike! Personally I would make it obligatory reading for every age group, for parents too, it takes root in everybody’s heart and soul. Already in the afternoon the kids are waiting, just for when I am going to read to them. They drink in every word. This is really wonderful.” (Monika I.)

“Very interesting, I was expecting something completely different. I have already got through three or four chapters, I need to digest them, as if I was reading something from Shakespeare … I think we adults over-complicate life, it is strange to think how we could or should do things. I won’t spoil it, everybody should buy it.” (Anikó Sz.Cs.)

“Dear Edit, I would like to thank you for magically making our lives more beautiful with your work. The book is simply wonderful. Baby Jesus brought it into our home, and since it has arrived, every evening we have been reading a chapter from it,  together with my 7-year old son David. David loved it and could hardly wait for the following evening, when we could snuggle into bed and continue reading the school of happiness.

The book has given me a lot too and I have the feeling that my little boy has changed a bit because of it. It is as if he had re-evaluated a few things. Thank you for successfully explaining in children’s language what the most important thing in our lives is. Love from the heart.” (Denisa H.)

“I am delighted that in our speeded up, materialistic and ‘wonder-free’ world of today such a fairy book is obtainable. I can skilfully and playfully lead my little girl into the world of wonders.” (Veronika H.F.)

“Dear Magic Cloud, I congratulate you with all my heart for your unbelievably simple and at the same time beautifully conjured up writing. I have been reading this to my children for three weeks and we can’t finish it! It has had an unbelievable effect on my 8-year old son. He can go to sleep with it!  After a couple of pages … that’s why we haven’t got to the end yet … he has never before been so peaceful in the evening. Up till now, after reading the fairy story the TV had to be switched on … what’s more, he could hardly wait for the story to finish … according to his own words, he couldn’t go to sleep in peace (up till now!), because noisy thoughts would then come into his head and wouldn’t leave him in peace …

He is completely immersed in the story … and from the corner of my eye I can see how he is carrying out Soma’s tasks. I am certain, if we finish the book, we can start all over again.

In a word I can now feel the tingling … I hope this can be felt from my message. I wish you lots more good magic! With thanks:” (Maria F.)

“It speaks to everybody, the smallest ones understand it too, and it affects everybody. Wonderful, thought-provoking … life changing.” (Agnes Sch. G.)

“There are plenty of beautiful fairy books, but up to now not one has interested my little boy … and none after. At the age of two and a half Magic Cloud is the first book in which I can get him involved. Finally those evenings came about that I had longed for. I read to him and Janika snuggles up to me and listens. We thank you again!!!” (Éva V.)

”I would make this compulsory reading in school. The kids love it and they have changed a lot (in a positive direction) since we started reading it. We are nearly at the end and when I ask what we should do when we have finished it, they answer: ‘start again from the beginning!’ ” (Bernadett H.)

“This is the best book I have ever bought. Thank you. I didn’t plan to write a novel, but I have to say, my 8-year old little girl knows exactly how to extract the essentials from it. This evening even the other family members joined in for as much as a chapter and have already declared that they too want to read about it. My five girls are of different ages, so the book is in just the right place in our house. And by the way, I was in great need for it too.” (Katalin V.)

“Good evening! I got this book from Mum. It is wonderful. It helps me to become a good and exceptional mother. I am grateful for every line of it. Thank you.” (Piri J.)

“This book is simply wonderful! I got this super book from my dear girlfriend for my 38th birthday on New Years Eve. It is now 1st January and I have read it through, I simply couldn’t put it down. All the knowledge is there in the book, which I have been collecting for two years, with great difficulty, from here and there, not sparing time and energy … My grateful thanks to the writer for this marvellous book. I gladly recommend it to everybody, everybody should read this book… With thanks: O.T. Tünde.”

“This is a wonderful book; I bought it for my little grandchild, we read it through and after that he never puts it down, he carries it with him everywhere holding it in his arms and tells everybody about it.” (Erzsébet V.B.)

“We started reading it with my 6-year old and my 8-year old … Until the third chapter there wasn’t any fidgeting at all. My 8-year old said: ‘Mum, promise we can continue as early as tomorrow morning’.

We read a lot in one sitting … they listened without flinching … the two of them reflected on it greatly …. and as for me, I am beside myself.” (Renáta G.)

“Since it has been here I have read it twice already. It is Julie’s favourite book. With this book she fell in love with reading. It is easy to read and is understandable for the little ones.” (Beatrix F.)

I bought this book for my 5-year old daughter, when my father died a couple of weeks ago. I didn’t know at the time that it was addressing this theme, and in this difficult situation how much it was going to help… for both of us. I have already agreed with Baby Jesus that this book should be under the tree for the other children of the family. My little girl said it is good because ‘it teaches how to use our brains, so that nothing bad will happen to us. I gratefully thank you for writing this book.” (Katalin B.)

“I have received the book, thank you. Even my 89-year old father read it with great interest – the thing you need to know about him is that he has never liked reading – and just talked and talked and talked about it ...” (Hilda T.L.)

“My dog died and this book was very good.” (Bianka B. 10-year old girl)

“Dear Edit, I got hold of this book yesterday and I would like to thank you.

In the morning I read it through (I couldn’t put it down), and in the evening I read it to my 2-year old daughter. After putting her to bed, Dad lay in bed with this book, which is strange, because his pessimistic spirit greatly distances himself from such books and theories (but I can secretly reveal that I bought the book because of him). Although the happiest period of our lives was when our daughter was born, this year had stored up lots of trouble, and my feeble attempts at convincing Dad, that he should think of and feel about things differently, always sank into disaster. I felt that he was slowly pulling me down with him and every morning we were together picking up the wrong magic wand.

This morning I saw it in him that he already believes in it and will do everything to influence his thoughts or, if you like, to throw them into the bin. This book was needed and I knew it, not just hoped. I have to express my thanks for all those sentences, which were written with such tangible love. I know and believe that a lot of things will change in our life and for that you were needed.” (Anikó K.)

“I would certainly include this book among compulsory reading material. I would acquaint every child with it. It is instructive, educational and entertaining, you simply can’t put it down.” (Erika H.)

“This book brightened my life while I was reading the stories to my 7-year old daughter. By now we have read it twice and she takes it with her to school, reads it to the children, the teacher has also had a look at it, and I am already on my second order for 10 books.” (Kornélia K.)

“We too liked this a lot. When I started reading it to the children in the evening, they were jumping down from the bed and fooling about. Within a couple of minutes they had calmed down and were sitting quietly and listening. And I can honestly say that I needed that story too. By the way, the children are five and two and a half years old.” (Gabriella A.S.)

“I have never read such a wonderful book, congratulations to the author! It leads children (and adults) perfectly to the things of the spirit. We adore it.” (Erika B.)

“This was really worth ordering. Every evening Hunor is waiting for the next chapter, what’s more on one occasion he couldn’t bear to wait and started reading the next chapter on his own. Before that he would read a maximum of one page; from this chapter he read 9 pages.” (Anikó M.)

“I was the first to read it through, then not only my husband but my 9-year old son Abel have got through two parts. My husband said it ought to be given to all parents and children.” (Ági O.)

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