Do you know, can you feel that the world is more, much more than we see of it?

Would you like to pass on this knowledge to your child and grandchild?

Have you ever looked for a story-book which will help you in this?

If so, this is the book for you.

This book was originally written for children. But then … the book came to life for grown-ups too.

One after the other positive reactions arrived, even from those who up to now had thought spiritualism was merely purple-tinted nonsense.

Here is one such:

“I can only recommend this captivating book to everybody. It is for children but perhaps touches adults even more. I don't know many other books that I have even read at a single sitting, and where my two cousins, 6 and 11 years old, unfailingly demanded the next chapter.

If you are interested in how things happen and why, and how things work in life, how you can influence “luck” and “chance” too; and if you would like your children too to understand the fundamental nature of life and to become not just successful but good people, then this is compulsory reading.

Maybe it's a story book but it is no story”.

Only a child's heart is the true human heart,
but at the same time the true adult heart
is a child's heart.

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About the author

I am Edith Tihanyi. I was born in 1954 as Edith Székely.

My father came from Transylvania and from him I learnt just purity and honesty. He was 80 years old when he wrote the story of his life; perhaps I inherited writers' veins from him…

I got in touch with spirituality after the birth of my two children. Together with my husband I spent years doing the famous yoga studies course of Miklós Zoltai in Debrecen. Here I woke up to the fact of how much exists beyond physical reality, how the development of our body and our soul are equally important.

After that came a lot of training, other courses, lectures and books, all of which appeared as building blocks in the fortress of my life. Meanwhile I came across the Nelson Scio bioresonance, of which to this day I am a loving follower.

Finally in 2010 came a turning point: I heard in Budapest one of the lectures by Dr Sándor Fülöp, Gunagriha. From then on, I became a committed servant of his teachings - they can all be found on the Internet – in which together are knowledge, purity, humour, even the roots of the Székely Land of Transylvania.

As a matter of fact, he inspired the writing of my book. When I realised this, I sent him the manuscript, just for his opinion. Events took a miraculous turn, the result of which, in the form of a dedication, you can see at the back of the book.

Everything in the Magic Cloud was written from personal experience. I know it is an exaggeration, but I am inclined to believe that everything in my life happened to give birth to this book.

I thank you gratefully for reading it.

This children's book speaks to the child's heart,
so it speaks to your heart,
to the real human heart.

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What is it about?

The Magic Cloud

Life wrote this book. It came to life because it HAD to come to life.

It is a fairy story with lots of coloured pictures, in twelve chapters.

However, it is not a fairy story at all.

True, it is written in the language of children, so that they can understand how this world is built up. So that they can understand that we are not only physical and biological beings. That our body is just an implement, whereas our soul rules on the throne of our life.

But what is the soul? Where is it? What is its role?

And what is energy? What is making this whole world move?

Furthermore, how should we treat our souls? And above all, if I understand all this, what will it be good for in my life?

Let us admit that it is not just in our childhood that we don't understand this, but many of us as adults cannot find our way in this labyrinth of questions.

So the stake is not small: YOUR happiness and the happiness of the WORLD depends on it!


Have you ever felt that things in your life are not happening merely by chance?

Or, if you meet somebody, have you ever felt that this could be a good person, without ever having exchanged a word with them?

I am sure you have.

Well now, it is signs like these that make you realise that deep down there is more. More than a two-legged, thinking mammal.

Spirituality is not a religion. True, it is the basis of all religions.

Spirituality is a deep, internal, ancient knowledge, which is there in all of us. In some people it is hidden more, in others less.

It is the kind of knowledge which is aware that this world is not directed only by physical laws. Spiritual laws, which are just as important, also rule, even though we hardly bother bother them.

Why is it worth bothering with the spiritual laws?

Not least so that we can live a happy life free from suffering. So that in this way we can take the direction of our fate into our hands.

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